May 14, 2014


Sorry guys, but I have absolutely no time for blog right now. So I "freeze" it for a while :( 

April 12, 2014

Skin care.

Good evening everyone !! How are you doing? I'm sure you enjoy the spring days.
Meanwhile,it's snowing outside.Sixth month.No sun.Famous Russian winter!And while I'm waiting for warmer weather, my skin continues to be dry. Luckily I got a nice and useful gift: Givenchy skin tonic .Not very greasy, pleasant smell, is well absorbed and  the skin is actually moistened.Love It!

March 23, 2014

Cute, golden, not very expensive...

After a week of grueling mock exams, I decided to unwind a bit, namely, to go on a shopping :D
Actually I wanted to buy a warm scarf for winter (now almost April, and we've got snow every day), but unfortunately I haven't found suitable one. Fortunately, I saw this headband. Cute, golden, not very expensive. Looking in the mirror at my disheveled "hair", I confidently went to the checkout. 
But I'm still looking for a warm scarf.

March 1, 2014


It's here! Spring is here! How much is going to happen in the next three months. The most important is certainly the beginning of my final exams and......... my eighteenth birthday :D I hope each of you will be in a good mood this spring  and the weather in your town will be warm (in my city right now mountains of snow and 0 C° >< ).Happy spring :D